So here we are.


I come to this page with the awareness that I have never thought of myself as a writer. Since I was a little girl, I have often been described as creative and crafty, with my marker sets, beads, mod podge, glue gun, and various projects inspired by nature. I come from a family of artists. My older brother grew up illustrating and messing around with cinematography, my mother a gardener, my Grandpa a wood carver, and my Gramma a water colorist. I have always prided myself in getting my hands messy with color or clay, fingers left with the marks of a busy afternoon spent carefully and intentionally birthing a new creation. “Look what I made!” I would ever so proudly proclaim.

Something funny happened this summer when I was on a backpacking trip with some of my girlfriends. We were sitting in a green field at the feet of the surrounding mountains, and a few of us started to water color on tiny pieces of water color paper (one of my favorite mediums rn). After a little while, someone asked to see what we were each working on. None of us were jumping at the invitation to show our work, but then one of my friends showed a flower she had painted. I then shyly presented the mountain scene I had made. My friends adored it, but instead of holding it out proud, I quickly lowered it out of sight. I felt embarrassed! Had I made something good? What happened to those younger years of proudly displaying my work? Oh, dear.

So here we are.

I am beginning a new journey here in this virtual space. As I share some of my art, thoughts, and process, I invite you, reader, to LOOK! See what I have made. See a little bit into my world.

The process of sharing ourselves to the other is one of great vulnerability. As a therapist, I do not take that lightly. It takes courage to bring ourselves to the viewpoint of another set of eyes, and we hope and trust that those eyes are kind, accepting, and safe. So, I bring a bit of myself to these pages and hope that through them you may get to know me a little more.

Thank you for reading.

Alissa Swank