So often life feels like a bunch of scribbles. I feel like I am constantly moving around town, one thing after another, multitasking non-stop, balancing all the different relationships, responsibilities, and endless to-do’s. And I hear it all the time from those I work with. It’s common to feel overwhelmed in this crazy life. 

Try this sometime. Get a pen and paper, and without looking, start to scribble on the page. Maybe listen to music or the hum of noise in a busy cafe, and let your hand move to the sounds that you hear. Do this for about a minute. Then, look at the page and study your scribbles. Turn it. Move it further away, bring it up close. What do you see? Is there an image that stands out? Enhance that image and see what it has to show you. Why is it there?

My scribbling brought me this wise aged woman adorned with lavender hair, a soft cardigan, and a simple flower. As a studied her, I realized that she came to me for a reason. That day I was feeling overwhelmed by “adulting” and she was there to remind me that sometimes we need to stop and literally smell the roses. It was as if she was guiding me to slow down, take a moment to notice what is around me, and take it in. Appreciate it. Savor it. Nothing is ever permanent, so receive what is in the present moment, because it won’t be there tomorrow.

I took a deep breath. Funny what can come out of a seemingly meaningless scribble.

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

- Mary Oliver

Alissa Swank