Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement       

Disclosure Statement

Training and Degrees

I received my Bachelors of Science in Community Health from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. After working for several years as a mentor and educator in various non-profit settings as well as a Birth Doula, I returned to school and received my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology in Seattle, WA. I am currently a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (#LH60901996) in Washington State.

Counseling Orientation

Each person is born with a need for connection. As people go through different seasons of life, their ability to find connection can be a struggle. Maybe you find yourself in a season of feeling lost or disconnected, or maybe you have felt stuck for a long time.

Entering into the therapeutic relationship is a space where exploration and curiosity can exist to help you find your way and reconnect with yourself and others. To find healing and growth in your life requires discovering whatever is getting in the way of your optimal living. My hope is to help you move toward healing and wholeness within yourself and relationships.

My approach to therapy is a relational one, where the nature of the clinical relationship helps bring knowledge and understanding to other relationships outside of therapy, both past and present.

Billing Information

The fee for counseling services is $110 per 50-minute individual session, and payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Cash, check, and credit/debit cards accepted (there is a 3.5% charge for all debit/credit card transactions). Monthly billing statements can be provided for insurance purposes. I reserve the right to change my fees with two weeks prior notification.

State/Legal Information

You have the right to choose a therapist who best suits your needs and purposes. You maintain the right to select another therapist or terminate therapy at any time. You have the right to review your records at any time, upon written request. Counselors practicing counseling for a fee must be registered or certified with the Department of Health for the protection of the public health and safety.

Unprofessional Conduct

Licensed or registered therapists are required to inform clients of the purpose of the Counselor Credentialing Act (the law regulating counselors). The purpose of the Counselor Credentialing Act is (A) to provide protection for public health and safety; and (B) to empower the citizens of the state of Washington by providing a complaint process against those therapists who would commit acts of unprofessional conduct. You may file a complaint with the Department of Health at any time if you believe I have demonstrated unprofessional conduct. To obtain a list of actions considered to be "unprofessional conduct,” or to file a complaint, contact the Department of Health, Business and Professional Administration, P.O. Box 9012, Olympia, WA 98504-8001, (360) 236-4700. 


The counseling relationship is confidential and I am committed to keeping our conversations in the strictest confidence. There are a few exceptions to this privacy and they include: 1) you give written permission to share confidential information 2) threat to harm yourself or another 3) suspected abuse of a child, disabled or elderly adult 4) information shared that suggests the commission of a crime 5) under court order.


I regularly seek consultation from colleagues to discuss your treatment and for the purposes of improving my work with you. All information is shared confidentially and remains so.

Scheduling Appointments and Cancellations

Appointments are made on a regular, weekly basis. Once we've set a day and time for our sessions, that time is yours every week. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so within 48 hours of our appointment time to avoid a late cancellation fee of $110. You can leave a message at 302-393-5570 or email me at My voicemail and email are confidential and protected as best I am able, but be aware there is a greater risk to confidentiality. Please limit your phone conversation needs to appointment scheduling and emergencies. If you are in crisis, see below.

Termination Phase

When does therapy end? When you begin to feel ready to end treatment and/or there is a natural ending point, we can schedule our final session together. The final session is a time to evaluate our work together, reflect on progress we've made, and allow us to practice the important relationship closure skill of saying good-bye. 

Transfer Plan

In the event of my unexpected death or incapacitation, I have made arrangements with Lexi and Conner Cress to maintain the confidentiality of your client record, as well as assist you in locating other professional mental health providers and ensure appropriate transfer of your client record to any new provider.


For emergencies or crisis, you may call the Crisis Clinic 800-244-5767 or 206-461-3222. Call 911 if you have a medical emergency or life-threatening situation.

I have read and understand the information presented in this form.
I have read and understand the information presented in this form.